Selection of compounds with affinity for receptors through the use of biological assays and in vitro

  • Studies of receptor binding with radioligands in vitro or ex vivo
  • Studies of down-regulation and up-regulation of receptors
  • Studies of dissociation of complex transducers coupled to receptors (assessment of agonistic / antagonistic properties)
  • Determination of the ability of drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier
  • Studies of metabolic stability within CNS
  • Autoradiography technique, binding of radioligands in brain slices, to map receptors in the brain (psychotropic drugs)
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Quantification of the principal clinical-chemical blood parameters
  • Evaluation of the profile of affinity, efficacy, potency of compounds with affinity for specific receptors through the use of ex vivo assays.
  • Preparation of isolated organs (heart, blood vessels, intestinal muscle, excretory system, reproductive organs of rodents)


Equipment used:

  • System for receptor binding
  • System for isolated organs
  • Multi-label plate reader
  • Reader biological-clinical parameters

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