Research & Development

PharmaNess invests a large portion of its resources into the R&D of their own in-house projects. Activity is organized in the following areas:
Chemistry: Organic Synthesis; Formulation; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Pharmacokinetics; Analytical Chemistry; Natural Extracts.
Pharmacology: Behavioural Pharmacology, Brain micro-dialysis, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cell Biology, Biochemistry.
Our numerous professionals are employed in the whole process of pre-clinical drug development, which includes both basic and applied R & D activities.
PharmaNess considers the aspect of obtaining the patents and licensing (partial or total), a crucial part of their R&D activities.  

Currently the main lines of research are:
- New antipsychotic compounds with atypical profile;
- New anti-obesity compounds;
- New analgesic compounds;
- New active principles with anti-inflammatory properties;
- Development of natural extracts with pharmacological activity;
- New compounds with anti-neurodegenerative properties;
- Development of innovative animal models;
- Innovative pharmaceutical formulations.

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