Principles and Mission

Our principles and mission
We believe that research, which leads to the development of new drugs, should not be a prerogative of multinational companies, we trust in an independent knowledge and in the benefits of ethical behaviour, which is based on our individual freedom and on our intellectual honesty. Our mission consists in research activities at a pre-clinical level in the field of pharmacology, to discover unknown chemical entities, to develop innovative animal models and their applications, in a continuous search for new therapeutic areas using emerging methods and technologies.
PharmaNess has always been actively engaged in technology transfer throughout the Technology Park of Sardinia, thus supporting the growth and development of new biotechnology firms in Sardinia.
PharmaNess operates through a scientifically independent and established close-knit group of researchers with specialized integrated expertise, in a structure that consists of 14 laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology.
PharmaNess is authorised by the Italian Minister of Health to conduct pharmacological experiments on small rodents.
The publication of scientific research papers in national and international journals, peer-reviewed, and the continued investment in human resources (approximately 200 hours per year of training), makes PharmaNess a concrete and dynamic company.
PharmaNess conducts R&D, through the use of standardized and validated methods, designed to get patentable results.
The services offered by PharmaNess are always conducted with the maximum level of dedication and competence, adapting the study to the customers needs.  In relation to specific requests, the company offers a complete partnership approach, including support and consultation, organizing research in a reliable and strategic way in order to obtain the maximum results and profit, and the study of possible clinical applications.

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