PharmaNess - neuroscienze

PharmaNess is one of the most important independent research centres for Pharmacology and Biotechnology in Italy. PharmaNess plays a leading role in the field of Biomedicine in Sardinia, and continually collaborates with prestigious universities and private and public research institutes in Italy and abroad.

PharmaNess operates throughout the whole process of preclinical research and development (R&D) to identify new therapeutic strategies for diseases with high social impact with specialist in neuropsychiatry. The company conducts its own in-house R&D projects, as well as the implementation of projects commissioned by third parties.

PharmaNess enhances the results of their research through the filing of national and international patents, and the agreement with pharmaceutical companies for industrial and commercial profiteering of the same. A main policy of the company is a continued re-investment of possible profits to upgrade its human and structural resources.

PharmaNess offers a wide range of customized services aimed at a broad spectrum of clients: pharmaceutical companies, specialty biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, businesses of natural products, cosmetics and / or health, non-profit organizations, public sector companies (E.U. and national), and universities and research centres who wish to add value to their results.
The services offered relate to the development and application of methods of chemical-clinical analyses, the synthesis of novel pharmacologically active compounds, optimization of synthetic processes for the production of active principles, formulation and pharmaceutical chemistry studies, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics studies, behavioural tests, in vivo and ex vivo screening, consulting services on animal housing and care services.

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